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12 Disadvantages of Wearing a Bra


A hallmark of modesty, the bra has become a staple for women. Almost all women can’t get out of the house without a bra. Woman still continue to wear bras despite the disadvantage they are experiencing. But still for the purpose of covering the breast and supporting the weight, women is programmed to wear the bra. Here are some disadvantages in wearing a bra and reasons to ditch it.

Breast may lose shape

This may be a long term effect to your breast if you keep wearing bras. The breast may lose it shape because of the rigid support provided by the bra. It will change over without realizing and you will see the results only after it’s too late.

No Perfect Fit

There is no such thing as one size fits all. There are things to consider when buying a bra, the band size, cup size and the material. One way or another it is uncomfortable. In fact 80% of women is wearing a wrong size bra.

Bras scorch the skin

Bras literally tend to burrow inside your skin to leave painful scorching marks. It looks as if someone poured hot boiling water over your skin and never allowed it to heal. Sometimes the marks never leave and become a permanent feature.

The breasts can sag as a result

Sagging is unstoppable, at least at the right time. Study shows that wearing a bra can make your breast sag prematurely. According to a French study, who studied 300 women, "Breasts do not benefit from denied gravity". In fact, women who dumped their bras gained a 0.3 inch uplift in their nipples.

Cut off blood circulation

Wearing extra tight straps can hamper the proper blood circulation of your body. In fact wearing bras for an extended period of time can effectively cut off circulation to the rib cage and midsection of your body. It’s the same as you are sitting on a hard chair for too long and your legs begin to numb.

Weaken the muscles

Your suspension muscles are responsible of lifting the weight of your breast and prevent sagging. With the cooper’s ligaments they help and allow your meaty part of your breast to dangle. Bras weaken these muscles over time.

Back Pains and Headaches

Chances are that you've put on a bra which does not fit your chest. This will only bring about the nasty consequences such as back pain, head ache and even distorted, saggy boobs. Your muscle tone can also get damaged.

Deflated appearance

Breasts are extremely dynamic and adapt to various bodily changes you may be going through such as pregnancy, PMsing and even gaining or losing weight. During these major changes, bras can weaken the surrounding skin, giving a deflated appearance.

Strapless bras

Strapless bras are harmful gimmicks which claim to hold up your breast without straps on your shoulders. You need to have a tight band to keep it up and in that case it rubs to your skin and may result to rashes.

Distorts Breast

The years of forcing bras upon your breasts subtly results in changing their position and shape overtime. Once a woman enters into the twilight of her year, her breasts become increasingly saggy and the nipples lose their size.

Pockets of fat sticking out

Because of the tight straps, it constricts your back skin to look like multiple rolls of fat. Although you are slender in appearance and fit, it will still look awful.

Difficult to Breath

It has been proven that when women dump their bras, it becomes astoundingly easier to take deep breaths. This is especially true when you're doing physically strenuous exercises or practicing yoga. A tight bra becomes even tighter when you take deep breaths.

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