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12 Desk job Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

A desk job can be very tiring, sitting on the desk the entire day and thinking that you are going to be like this the entire year.  Your desk will start to bore you and you start to slow down. However, you can make changes to your desk. Not necessarily a major one, but you can add some elements that you can improve your productivity.

Studies have been made that a person can react positively to some stimulation and can make improvements on performance.

To learn how you can revamp your office space and improve productivity, check this list.

1. Add Green Plant

Research published by the American Association for Advancement of Science suggests that exposure to the color green makes you more productive.

Tip: Put air plants or succulents, as they don’t require too much attention.

2. Get a Sad Light

Research at Northwestern University found that office workers with greater light exposure are more alert.

Tip: Light therapy is most effective early in the morning. Start switching it on for 30 minutes of the day.

3. Use Peppermint oil

Using scents and essential oil can stimulate your brain and make you more productive. Peppermint in particular has been found to enhance cognitive performance

 Tip: Try applying a few small drops to your temples and on the back of your neck

4. Chew Gum

Research published by the British journal of psychology found that chewing gum boost your concentration.

Tip: Keep a sugar-free peppermint gum at your desk.

5. Use noise cancelling headphones

Studies by Cornell University has shown that prolonged noise has serious health  effects  on the office workers

 Tip: Use them when the office starts to get busy to cancel all distraction at the background. 

6. Keyboard Shortcuts like a Gamer

Gaming keyboard offer more options and shortcut possibilities. Using Shortcuts can cut down on the time it takes for you to complete task.

Tip: Personalize your keyboard with your own hot keys. It will be quicker to memorize them.

7. Have a Throw Blanket

Ergonomic studies at Cornell University found that warmer office temperature have been proven to make you more accurate and efficient.

Tip: Keep a large scarf or blanket in your desk drawer for chilly office days

8. Add a Letter Tray

Having a cluttered and unorganized desk can slow you down and send the wrong messages to colleagues.

Tip: Keep Letter tray to your reach.

9.Get a Stop Watch

Research conducted by Cornell University found that workers who use reminders to take short breaks are more productive.

Tips: Keep stop watch at your desk. Set countdown for each break you plan to take.

10. Gaze into the Distance

To avoid the fatigue, the association of Optometrist recommends you look away from your scene every 20 minutes at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Tip: Pick and object in the distance and look at it when your eyes feel strained.

11. Install a Notification Blocking App

A study by the University of British Columbia found that people who limited their daily email use had significantly lower stress level, which made them more productive at work.

Tip: Put new message on hold so they won’t appear until you are ready.

12. Get a Stress Toy

Research conduct by New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering found that stress toys or ‘fidget widgets” help improve focus and support productivity.

Tips: Keep a few different stress balls in your desk for those tense moments.


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