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11 Space Saving hacks for your Tiny Bathroom

Sometimes the smallest part of the house is the bathroom. But most of the time this requires more things for store. As the bathroom has a lot of function, here you find things you need for these functions and you need a space to store them. The bathroom sometimes is our place of zen, so we do our best to organize this place as tidy as possible. We found the best bathroom hacks that will you more storage to keep your makeup, toiletries and linen organized.


1. Repurpose Plant Holders 

Take advantage of every storage opportunity. Snatch up a few wall-mounted plant holders from the clearance section next time you're out shopping. The unique touch adds decoration and conceals bulky tools, like a blow dryer.

2.High Shelf

Some high places are mostly unused because it is not an easy reach. But you can use the space with a shelf to put some stuff that are rarely used. Probably some extra supplies of toiletries or concealed air fresheners to keep the bathroom smelling clean.

3.Towel Rack

A decorative wine rack on the wall would be a nice fixture to hold on to rolled clean towels. Freeing up your cabinets or linen closet for something else you could hide.

4.Tension Rod

The thing about tension rods is they can fit anywhere it can reach. So you can use it on cabinets and use the upper space to fill it with something you can hang and occupy the entire space.

5.Magnet Strip

Bobby pins can easily be lost because they are small. You can stop losing them by putting a magnetic strip, which sticks on tape on one side. The bobby pins will stay attached to the strip until you need them next time.

6.Dual-Purpose Mirror

This two-in-one mirror is great for small spaces. When closed, it's a full-length mirror perfect for an outfit check. But when open, its shelves hold all your health care and beauty products!

7. Adhesive Hooks

Any time you're using hot irons on your hair, you'll want a safe place to store them while they cool. Keep hair tools organized and out of the way by using adhesive hooks inside your cabinet doors. No more accidental burns!

8. Shower Organizer

Shoe organizers are great inventions, it can be used to organize a lot of things at home. Use a shoe organizer to place your shampoo, soap and other shower needs. 

9. Tiered Storage

When you’re running out of counter top space, but still need to put some small bottles on display. Think of the space above it is still free. So, stack some plates with a candle holder to use the space above it. You can even customize this DIY fixture. An easy fix for an easy problem.

10. Bathroom Cart

Repurpose a bar cart into a roll-away bathroom storage cart. Replace shakers and glasses with towels and lotions. When you need extra space, just roll the unit into a closet until you need it again!

11. Basket Shelf

To free the floor from basket storage, you can turn them sideways and nail them on the wall and will serve as a shelf. It’s creative and useful. You can even accessorize and do some decorative accessories with it.

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