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11 Secret Things Women Do To Make Their Chest Look Bigger


At least occasionally, every woman wants to look her best in an even of her life or some random time.  We spend hours of makeup, hair style and outfits, a woman’s appearance has to be a little bit extra, which includes her boobs. If you want to turn heads and drive all the attention to your girls, then these are some super effective tricks to popping out your boobs without the pain and credit card debt. With just the right makeup application, diet, bra, and gel inserts, you can have boobs comparable to Pamela Anderson's twins.

Do-It-Yourself Padded Enhancement

Transform your padded bras into something better! Cut the bottom of the straps at the back of the bra, but do not cut the front of the straps off. Like a bikini top, you can tie the straps behind your neck, turning the bra into a halter-style. The halter-style pulls up more on the boobs, creating the illusion that they are bigger. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create cleavage.

 Make Use of Socks

Others say it is not so ladylike. If you’re looking for an instant enhancement for the night, stuff some socks or any cotton small piece of clothing or towels. You can use tube socks or ankle socks, fold them in half so they are about the size of your hand, and make sure when you shove the socks into your bra, you tuck them on the sides of your boobs. Just don’t over-do it.


If you know how to contour makeup on your face, then contouring your chest is a breeze. Shape it like you wear it and make it look bigger as you please. If you don’t have an idea how to do it, there are a lot of tutorials all over the internet showcasing this technique. Using a bronzer and contouring brush along the natural curves  of your breast to make it deeper and looking bigger.

Chicken Cutlets

They used to call it chicken cutlets because it looks like one, but it’s made of silicone that you insert under your breast to push it up a little. Just wear your bra the usual way and insert these cutlets under your breast so they get raised and show more of the upper part of your breast. Make sure to wear full cups so your nipples won’t peak.

 Work Out Your Upper Pectoral Muscles

If you think that working out will make your breast smaller, that’s not entirely true. Focus on working out on your upper pectoral muscles and you can easily increase your breast size. But you have to be careful, because if you work out your lower pectoral muscles, the opposite can happen. Push-ups and incline dumbbells chest presses will work out your upper pectorals.

Use Two Bras

The many-er the merrier. If you want bigger bulge and not just fake contours, then double the bra. Layering them on top of one another can be as easy fix to make your boobs a little bigger. The extra bra works to push up the boobs even more than the first bra.

Pin Your Bra Back

Pin your bra straps at the back with a paper clip and adjust the straps by sliping the paperclip up and down until you get the desired position. This way the straps can pull your breast up.

Practice Good Posture

Most women don’t think that posture has to do with the breast looks. Adjusting the way you sit or stand can mean the difference between sagging looking and perky boobs. Even with the correct bra, bad posture can still make them look flabby. If you slouch, your shoulders move forward and will bring down the bra straps down. When you have good posture, your boobs rest more naturally and attractively because your chest is lifted. That’s where they got the expression, “chest-out”

Eat The Right Foods

A healthy diet can work out a healthy-looking breast. There are foods that enhance breast size like chicken, pumpkin, peas, meat, blueberries, egg and fish. Avoid foods like salty foods, carbonated drinks, coffee and junk foods. All bad habits may also cause your breast sag just like smoking which promotes skin wrinkles.

Make Your Waist Look Smaller

It’s all about proportions. Ideally, your chest part should look wider than your waist. To highlight your boobs and make them appear bigger, is by thinning your waist. Other than working out your core and thinning your waist, you can also wear special girdles or wraps underneath your clothes to make your waist smaller. By making your waist appear smaller, you're making your chest appear much bigger, even if it isn't that much bigger to begin with.

Wear Light-Colored And Striped Tops

This is not something new, wearing dark clothes makes you look thinner. What women don’t know that this will also make your boobs smaller. Yes, it does. So, if you want your boobs look bigger, wear light colored tops and they will appear bigger. Wide-striped tops can also know to make people look bigger, so this will enhance your curvature of the boobs and make them pop.


Center Laced Silicon bra

Women who wear cup A rarely get a cleavage, but with this silicone bra with a center laced design, it pushes the breast to the center and upward to create a cleavage drama. It gives a bigger boob look as simple as wearing  a bra. 



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