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10 Wrong Size Bra Signs You Should Know


The first sign that you will notice that you are wearing a wrong size bra is the discomfort. If you feel uncomfortable wearing your bra, at any symptoms, then you need to do something about it before you stress yourself.

When it comes to bra sizes, most women still buy into the idea that bigger is better. Yet conversely, many women, myself sometimes included, shy away from larger band sizes. What we don’t often realize is that cup sizes don’t equal the size of your breasts. They refer to the difference between the size of your breasts and your rib cage.

A survey showed that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. Of those women, 70 percent wore bras that were too small, while 10 percent wore bras that were too big.

Is it enough for you that the cups cover your breast and conceals your nipple? How do you know that the bra you are wearing is the wrong size for you? Here, let me help you… 


1. Your straps keep falling down

    First, tighten them a bit. They might have stretched out in the wash. If your straps keep slipping even after you adjust them, they aren't being supportive and you should try going down a band size.

    2. You have spillover over the top, sides, or bottom of the cups

    if you have the dreaded Quadruple Boob; it's time to go up a cup size.

    3.Your cups are wrinkling

      When the cup is too big, the fabric bunches. Go down a cup.


      4. You wear your bra on the last hook

        You should feel most comfortable on the middle hook. That way, when your bra stretches over time, you can tighten it. If it's already too loose, go down a band size.


        5. Your band rides up in the back 

          When you stand to the side and look in the mirror, is your band even? Your band should fit firmly and horizontally across your back. If it's riding up in the back, it's too big. Go down a band size, like from a 36 to 34.

          6. You have dents on your shoulders

             It's not about how heavy your boobs are. Your bra's band isn't giving you the support it should, so your straps are taking the slack and digging into your shoulders. Try a smaller band size.

            7. The center of your bra is lifted off your chest 

              The middle piece between the cups (the gore) should sit flat on your rib cage. If there's any space, your cup size is too small. Try going up a size. You should be able to lift your arms over your head without the underwire rising up.


              8. The underwire in your bra pokes you

                Don't think all underwire is uncomfortable. Go up a cup size to keep it from digging into your skin.

                9. You have back bulge

                  Despite the popular nickname, it's not back fat — it's literally just your bra being too tight and squeezing your skin. Your band is probably too small.


                  10. You neck or back hurts

                    You may not be getting the right support from your bra because it's the wrong size. Find a lingerie specialist in your area, or hit up a department store, and go get sized properly. It's free, and worth the trouble so you'll feel great in your bra.

                    Tips for the perfect fit

                    1. Choose a band size that fits comfortably on the largest size setting.There should only be enough space to fit two fingers between the band and your back. Bras stretch as they age, so you’ll use the second and third hooks eventually.
                    2. If your bra straps dig into your shoulders, try going down one band size.The band and straps work together, so painful straps are a sign that the band isn’t doing its share of the lifting.
                    3. Are you overflowing the sides or top of your bra?Try going up a cup size. And make sure that you put your bra on while bending over to ensure all of your breasts make it into the cups!
                    4. What about back fat?Try going up a band size instead. Many women assume lumpy back fat means their bra is too small (guilty!), but the opposite is often the case. When the band is too loose, it can ride up in the back, creating a less-than-desirable look.

                    After all this fix, it seems like the culprit most of the failure to get the wrong size or to have a comfortable bra, are the Straps. If you remove the straps and bands entirely, would that may your bra comfortable? You may want to try this Comfortable bra. Maybe you'll never go back.


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