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10 Things You Want to tell Guys about Bras!

Bras are a thing for girls.. but it's interesting for boys. They have many questions because they have a lot of things that they don't know about bras. As much as you keep it away from them, they insist to get involve. So here are things you want to tell them...

1. No, two or three pairs is not enough.

You know we wear them every day, day in to day out. It has a 6-9 months life. So, I guess it would lengthen it’s life if I do alternate more variety, because they are not cheap. And FYI there’s no all-in-one bra.

2. No, they don’t have standard number of hooks.why you wanna know?

Some have one, some have two, some have three, some have none. And I don’t wear the same bra every day, so you must be ready for anything if you want to be the one to take it off!

3. Not all hooks are at the back!

Yep! There are bras that have hooks in the front. So maybe use your eyes to figure out where the hooks are, before trying to tear our precious (and expensive!) bras?

4. You need to know, as much as we love them, we love to throw them away.

Hooooo! That’s the sound of relief! Nuff said… 

5. Do NOT flick the strap!

So, you enjoy the slapping sound…well, we don’t enjoy it. It destroys the elasticity of my expensive bra!

6. Don’t just throw them on the floor.

No, not the floor, we respect them as much as our boobs. Just aim for the sofa or the chair please!

7. Admire them before you take them…off!

Hey, it’s not easy to find the right bra and sizing is hard! Please give some glory to it.

8. Because it doesn’t look much, it doesn’t mean it’s cheap!

Don’t be fooled with the simple and plain looking bra, they can be expensive. That’s why we pass on our dessert orders, a few times.

9. We know you like it, but the lace is the most uncomfortable.

Why you guys love the looks of the lacy bra? Yeah, sometimes it’s for you, but just want you to know it’s itchy and uncomfortable.

10. We can love them, we can hate them, but we can’t ignore them… And neither should you!

There’s a great debate on such small piece of cloth, and the world is talking about it. So, you should not take it for granted! The bra has been viral the entire time, and even took over some boys. It’s hard to ignore it, right boys?

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