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10 Smooth Shaving Tricks and Tips

I am totally lazy about shaving, to the point I’d rather wear pants if my leg hairs start to become obvious. It can be a whole week until it gets into my senses that I have to shave. If you are as lazy as me, then it’s time you learn a few shaving hacks. I promise you this absolutely life-changing and will totally change your shaving habits. Making your shaving stress less and easy.

Here are nine quick and easy shaving hacks that'll come in handy.

1. Use Your Conditioner

To shave smoothly, use your conditioner instead of just a bar soap. A bar soap can often clop up your razor and you’ll be throwing razors often after a couple of uses. Conditioner works better and cost-effective way to lengthen the life of your razors.

2. Exfoliate First

So if you are Exfoliating your face with that sugar scrub, why not include your legs? The sugar can also act as a shaving cream, allowing you to shave it before you wash it off and end up  a super smooth legs instead of the bumpy and irritated legs.

3. Don’t Leave Your Razor In The Shower

Water dulls your razors so never leave it wet in the shower. Although, shaving in the shower is completely fine and will soften up your hair follicles, which makes them easier to shave. But always be sure to dry if off.

4. Moisturize

Save your favorite scented deodorant for later, because right after you shave, applying unscented lotion will soften up those rough cuts.

5. Use Men’s Razor

When shaving your bikini area, using a razor for men is a lot better. Men’s razor are made for coarse hair or the thick ones.

6. Chapstick for First aid

If you are that clumsy and can’t avoid cuts from shaving, you need a Chapstick to stop the bleeding.

7. Use Badger brush

At barber shops, men usually get their clean cuts by applying their shaving gel with a badger brush. As it turns out, it can also work for putting cream on your legs. Consider using a badger brush to apply hair removal lotion like Nair.

8. Stunt Your Hair’s Growth

Using soy products has been known to stunt hair growth, so if you want to keep shaving to a minimum, try out some soy-based lotions.

9. Keep Your Shaving Strokes Short And Sweet

When you’re shaving your legs, go for shorter strokes, and don’t press down too hard. Keeping it short and sweet speeds up the shaving process in the long run, because shorter strokes give you a cleaner shave. Say goodbye to those ugh moments when you get out of the shower and find a random patch of hair that you missed.

10. Clean your razor with baby oil to make it last longer

If you’re tired of throwing out your disposable razor after 3 or 4 shaves, try using baby oil to make it last longer. An added benefit with baby oil: it can be used as a replacement for shaving cream if you’re in a pinch. One slight drawback to using baby oil is that it can take a while to wash off and if you’re particularly hirsute, it can clog up the blades. Just be sure to clean out the blades thoroughly.


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