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10 Natural Ways to Eliminate Scars

Got Scars? Either from a cut or acne scars, It may not be a good sight of your skin. If you don’t want to cherish the memory of your scars, it would be better to erase it. Acne scars are the worse and the ones that you don’t want to keep. I think you agree on that. There are natural ways that you can find at home  to eliminate your dark spots and scars;


Oil that is rich in omega fatty acids always works in eliminating scars, it penetrates and moisturize the skin so it can restore your skin. Coconut oil is especially great for removing acne scars and improving your skin complexion. You can also make use of coconut oil as moisturizers.


Baking soda balances your PH level and act as a natural exfoliator. It will eliminate dead skin cells and leave you refreshed without damaging the skin around the scar. With two parts water and one part baking soda to make a paste and scrub it on the scar and rinse thoroughly and gently after a minute.


It contains bioflavonoids, like cepalin and kaemferol, it is known to significantly reduce the appearance of scars after only a few weeks, with daily use. Onion extracts are also known in fighting acne, it has some properties to reduce the redness and soreness.


Apple cider has been known as an all-around natural ingredient for everything from cleaning solution for skin care. For scars, mix it with honey and leave it on for 10 minutes after applying it onto the area. You may do this up to three times in a day for the best results. It can also prevent the redness and stop any whiteheads from forming.


The Antioxidants in aloe vera reduces swelling and redness, and its natural astringent removes excess oil and dead cells. It also serves as moisturizer and soothing properties which aloe vera contains these two properties. It is great because it doesn’t need any measurements. You just need to scrape the leaf and lather the scar and cover it. It may feel sticky and weird, but your skin will be happy for it. It is good for sunburns too.


Mixing honey with cinnamon is a great renewal treatment that can help keep skin smooth and heal scars. It has a natural moisturizing effect and stimulations of tissue regeneration, making it popular ingredients to mix into your skin care routine.


To lighten your scar lemon is a great choice, since it has an alpha hydroxyl acid know as a natural bleach, a healing properties to your skin. This serves a lightener aid in a cell growth and gives your skin its elasticity back. Start by cutting a lemon in half and rub a half over the scar for about 15 minutes and rinse it.


It is popular in helping women to prevent or eliminate stretch marks and scars. Apply it daily to feel its moisturizing effect brightening your skin. Shea butter is a powerful emollient that deeply penetrates the skin and moisturizes the skin, seals the skin with its waxy properties and prevents water loss from the skin, making it supple, youthful looking and healthy.


Turmeric is great for acne scars, specifically because it contains curcumin, a compound with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce excess production of melanin. This treats discoloration and helps skin glow. It’s also antiseptic so it smooths your skin without irritation. 


Mixing oils are a great option of eliminating scars, from lavender, to tea tree, carrot seed. It depends on the type of scar you are dealing with. Essential oils support skin health by balancing skin tone, and reducing redness and inflammation. Some oils also have wound-healing properties, which may help prevent scar tissue from forming.

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