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10 hacks to de-wrinkle your clothes without Iron required

Ironing can be a pain. Of all the household chores, for me, ironing is one I least like. I say it because to de-wrinkle your clothes is tough. But of course, even it is hard to do ironing, you still must do it, because you do not want to walk with your clothes wrinkled like you’ve just dried it from a wash.

Imagine how many clothes you consume in a day and wash it all together once a week and iron them all together. But then you realize your neighbor has not returned your iron last week that she borrowed. Or perhaps, electricity is out, and you had to de-wrinkle an outfit for the day. Or maybe you had to wash your favorite dress for todays event and your iron is broken…

Don’t worry… here are some useful tricks you can de-wrinkle!

 1. A pot iron


Ironing needs a flat and hot surface to press your clothes down to de-wrinkle it. A pot is the oldest trick in the book to do it. Just make sure the bottom of the pot is clean, boil water in the pot and spill it out. From there, use the bottom of the pot as your iron to run over your clothes. The steam will give you just enough time to de-wrinkle your favorite outfit, Brilliant!

2. Hang it in the bathroom

Another old trick to de-wrinkle your dress is to hang your bathroom and close all windows and doors. This is a tried and tested trick for years and can save you r a ton of time in the morning. Then go about your normal bathroom routine—shower, shave your legs, work on your Taylor Swift impression. Fifteen minutes later, wrinkle-free clothes, fantastic! Just make sure not to soak your dress from showering.

3. Throw ice cubes in with your drying

This may be an odd trick, but you can de-wrinkle your stubborn carpet or clotes while running it on your dryer. You can throw ice cubes on your dryer with your clothes and put it on high heat, as the ice melts, it will de-wrinkle your clothes.

4. Damp Towel Trick

This is another reliable trick. Place your dress on any wrinkled garment on a flat surface like a table and place a damp towel flat on top of the garment. Press it down using your hands and it gets the job done!

Just make sure the towel is not very dump with water as it may soak your clothing.

5. DIY wrinkle spray

I never thought branded de-wrinkling sprays were just a marketing con and the home-made stuff were just myths.  But DIY de-wrinkling spray does work.

Mix 1 tsp Conditioner, 1 Tbsp white vinegar and 2 cups of water on a spray bottle and spray it on your wrinkled shirt! And Wallah!

6. Hair straighteners

You can iron your collars and sleeves with a Hair iron. Just be sure to wipe off any product build-up on the plates first and be mindful of temperature settings (cotton = high heat; silk = low heat).

7. Steam

This is great for those tiny wrinkles that you can never quite perfect. When boiling water on a kettle, it releases steam and use that to de-wrinkled your shirt. Hold it at least 12 inches away and the problem is solved!

8. Blow dryer

Who knew a blow dry wrinkles out your clothes with concentrated burst of hot air? This particularly works well on dresses with awkward creases. Slightly dampen the wrinkled area on your dress, set the hairdryer on low and blow on the dress 1-2 inches away (to avoid scorching the fabric) until the wrinkles straighten out.

9. Roll your tops like burritos 

This is good when you are traveling but can be useful as well at home. Roll up your tops like burritos and pop them under your mattress for an hour. This is like pressing your clothes. Just make sure your roll your clothes. Simply folding them will not work.

10. Vinegar Sprinkle

Did you know that standard white vinegar can eradicate wrinkles from your clothes? It’s true! Mist garments with 1-part vinegar to 3 parts water, and let it air-dry.

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