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10 Easy Hacks For Smelling Your Best This Summer


You know what summertime means, it’s the warmest and makes you the dumpiest and you are prone to a sweaty smell. Smelling great during the summertime don’t have to be impossible. There are several hacks to banish unpleasant summer smells and keep you feeling fresh all summer.

Showering of course Is a must and filtering your outfits that has fabrics that clings to your skin and trap the heat. Avoid unnecessary heavy accessories that will add weight to your outfit. Keeping you smelling fresh this summer just requires these simple tricks.

 1. Moisturize

Skin retains fragrances better when it is moisturized rather than dry skin. Make sure to use a lightweight, non-scented moisturizer prior to applying your perfume to help make sure your fragrance will stick.

2. Avoid Smelly Shoes

Avoid wearing smelly shoes by deodorizing them with a sprinkle of either baby powder or baking soda inside your shoes. The powder will absorb excess oils and moisture, while leaving behind a fresh scent.

3.Tea Bags

Tea bags are amazing in absorbing up stale and smelly scents. Place a few dry tea bags in your closet, cabinets, and even in your shoes for more fresher smelling fabrics.

4. Layered Scents

If you've found a particular scent that you love, try to incorporate it throughout your entire beauty routine for a larger impact. Start by using a scented body wash in the shower, and then following up with similarly smelling body lotion, deodorant, and perfumes in order to lock in the scent.

5. DIY Linen Spray

Homemade linen sprays are a quick, easy solution to eliminate any unwanted smells from your clothing. By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a spray bottle with water. The combination helps to dilute the oils, so they absorb easily into the fabric.

6. Sweet Smelling Hair

Sweat can also affect the smell of your hair and leave it smelling bad. Spray your favorite perfume on your hair brush and combing your brush through your hair. Avoid spraying your perfume directly to your hair as it could dry your hair due to the alcohol content.

7. Baby Wipes

If sweat is unavoidable during the day, it is always handy to have a wet baby wipes to refresh yourself if shower is not possible. It can banish any sweat or oil build-up by wiping it with a baby wipe. Not only leaves you feel refreshing and they also take away the dirt and bacteria that causes bad odor.

8. Choose Stronger Cents

Sweet cents are not created equal, some scents like citrus tends to fade faster than others. Sandalwood base scents and vanilla based scents are more long lasting fragrance.

9. Soap in your Closet

Soap releases its fragrance as it warms up. This can eliminate stale odors overnight by placing a bar of dry soap in your closet. Shutting the door helps deodorize the room as well as your clothes.

10. Keep Armpits Smelling good

Your armpits are prone from smelling bad. By keeping it smelling great even during the sweaty season with a good deo stick, cream or spray, choose a long lasting deodorant is one of the best way to stay fresh.

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