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What I Wear When I Hate Bras and That I Have To Wear One.

As complicated as a woman, bras are as complicated too. In fact, 80% of women are wearing the wrong Fit bra. You probably heard about this before, and this is not the first time hearing hate about bras. Yes, many women hate bras like me, every woman has different bad experience and complaints from wearing a bra [HUFFPOST: You’ve Probably Been Wearing The Wrong Bra Size For Years]

The bra has been link to some health problems like headaches, back aches, shoulder pains, and skin marks which are the less scary issues. Since we are probably are part of that 80% who wore the wrong fitting bra, hence it makes the bra, very uncomfortable and annoying. [Cosmopolitan: Your bra could be making you ill]

And there are worse problems that are linked to the bra that has been debated which actually made big confusion to women, because both sides of the claims are backed with research. Some research says that bras cause breast cancer, and other research claim that this is a myth.

A study also claims that bras make breast sag. Although breast sagging is inevitable, wearing bras makes it the process even faster and your breast sags prematurely. On the other hand, the study claims that women who did not wear bras gained 7mm lift each year they did not wear a bra. It said that the breast loses its natural support when the breast is suspended for a long time. [MedicalNewsToday: Bras Makes Breast Sag, 15-Year Study Concludes]


If there’s a debate on this contraption, I’d rather keep away from it and be on the safe side. As the saying goes “If in doubt, get out!”

But on a day to day basis, the uncomfortable sensation that this contraption provides you is sometimes unnerving. Probably, this is a sign of our body telling us “Hey, take this off before everything gets worse.” Like a headache is a sign that there is something wrong with your system.

The following are some of my complains wearing a bra and some reasons why I hate it. You probably been having the same experience a few of these.

1. The Under-boob sweat

Caused either by a tight band or an underwire pressed against your torso and cause to heat up your skin and sweat out. The worse thing is, this will turn into a rash.

2. No two bras fit the same

It doesn’t mean you are a 32B, you’ll fit on other brands 32B. No, unfortunately, they all vary on designs and that’s where the fit differs. So, shopping for a right fit bra is a horrible task.

3. Strapless bra is a joke

When you don’t need straps showing with your outfit, you need it. But It keeps getting your attention to pull it up from time to time because it’s slipping down or you can lock it with your armpits and act like a robot.

4. They are Expensive

Most of the time, good fitting bras and the likeable ones are more expensive than your shoes, and still they are uncomfortable in some way or another.


5.They don’t compromise

    It’s either get a less tight bra and you don’t get the support you need, or get a tight bra to get the support you need, but then it’s uncomfortable plus the back fat.

    6. Straps dig to your shoulders and leave Marks

    The straps keep your girls in place and the party they bear the weight of your breast and straps digs into your shoulders and clumps up veins and leave marks on your shoulders. When you take them off, it’s like their ghost remains.

    7. Headaches / Shoulder pain

      If you are wearing the wrong size, the weight of the breast causes stress on the shoulder, which then leads up the neck. That’s why it’s important that if you wear a bra, it must be a good fit, then again, it is not easy to get one.

      The list can go on if you ask every woman wearing bras.

      Bras where made to cover your breast. Over the years it became a fashion statement and it comes with a price. As much as you want to avoid wearing bras, society most of the time requires them. If there are times you can avoid them, you have to cherish the moment.


      If I am on my own time, I don’t wear bras, or as much as possible I try to be discreet. I would wear thick tops or coats just to keep myself modest at all times and at the same time free on the inside. It’s one way I can hide my nips from the world and keep me away from the uncomfortable contraptions.

      There are times that my outfit really requires me to wear a bra, so I make sure I choose a less restrictive bra. A bra that does its purpose in covering my breast, shapes it, and at the same time, no unnecessary pain.

      "If you are not perfectly comfortable to go bra-less immediately, at least wear bras with minimal support, so you can slowly build up the strength of the muscles supporting your breast." said researchers at StickeeBra, who pared down their own bra collections to just a few items. Products from StickeeBra do not consists of any under wires or straps.

      The only thing I can think of that suits this need is an Adhesive bra. Whoever designed this bra is genius. Who would thought of keeping the bras purpose and eliminating the problem! And at the same time, allowing your breast to work naturally to avoid premature sagging. Perfect, isn’t it?! 

      Researchers at StickeeBra saw a health problem caused by regular bras, yet 90% of women still continues to wear them daily despite bras being uncomfortable. "Because everybody does so" and "because i feel immoral or indecent without bras" are the top reasons why women wear bra.

      "We believe that everyone should be treated with respect, and women should feel confident and comfortable to go bra-less whenever they want." says StickeeBra.

      "We help women be healthier by using bras without the straps and wires, and then slowly help them transit to a bra-less life".


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