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@waterlilyproject's Story

Here is one of our Stickee Family Member who's life was change by Stickeebra, but found one disadvantage, listen to what she got to say!


All right first of all Shh!  this is very personal and very private. the Stickeebra changed my life changed my life however today I figured out a flaw like the one negative about the StickeeBra and that is you can't use it for storage.

Now if you have boobs of any kind and you admit it you know that the bra awesome for storing lipstick, cash, your car keys, a snack for later, whatever right, water bottle, but the Stickeebra, not so much I found that out today accidentally when I hunt myself.

Meanwhile get a Stickeebra, change your life! Just gonna have to start carrying a purse from now on! 


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