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Risks of Wearing Improperly Sized Bras and Underwire Bras

What have become of society today that a means of fashion is contradicting the means of life, feminist might be on to something, “free the nipple” they say but is this purely about equality or are they trying to save numerous women from risking their lives from a piece of wire and cloth that is potentially harmful to them or in some cases, harming them.

There are several potential problems with bras. And while some types of bras are worse than others, simply wearing an ill-fitting bra could spell trouble.

Researchers have found out that wearing the wrong size of bra can lead to long term health problems for the wearer. An overly tight bra can cause breast cancer by cutting off the lines of circulation of lymph.

There are a lot of factors that are contributing to breast cancer and it includes the tightness of the bra, the length of the time wearing the bra, and even design of the bra itself. All of which can cause lymphatic drainage problems and in the process trapping harmful chemicals in the breast.

Overly tight bras can also cause breast cysts, bruises, and lumps. Although non-cancerous, benign is very painful and is often the cause of breast cancer due to the breast being in so much stress, it can develop scar tissues and can sometimes even clog milk ducts which develops into cysts.


Scary as these consequences may be, they can be avoided though with just one simple act and that is to just wear the proper bra size or even better wear loose ones or just don’t wear one. You think wearing improperly fit bras is harmful to your health? Wait until you hear about what underwire bras can do to them.

Just by feeling the wire on these underwire bras you could already imagine the stress and pain that you are putting on your breasts.Metal wires don’t mix well with the human body how much more if you put them or use them together with the most tender and soft part of a woman’s body, it is just a combination for a slow death and a painful life.

Have you heard of the “Antenna Effect”? It’s basically the concept they use in acupuncture, although acupuncture is good for your health, a prolonged application of metal on your body can cause irregularities and harm.


A specific point of the body stimulates a different interior organ, like below the right breast is the reflex point of the liver and the gallbladder while below your left breast is to the stomach. Acupuncture can cause stimulation to different parts of the body and it increases the function of a specific body part but when said body part is continuously stimulated the effects can go bad as it can cause abnormalities in its function. 

It's all about the balance. So in a sense, if a woman keeps on wearing her underwire bra, she is just basically setting herself up for a slow and painful death. The best way to avoid underwire bra related health disasters is to just switch out the metal wires with plastic ones, wearing metal underwire is kind of barbaric and primitive especially when you think about what year are we in now and how far evolved human beings are now a days. 

If we can create smart phones and smart televisions then obviously a far safer alternative to the metal wire in your underwire bra is also available, you just have to shell out a few bucks but what is a few bucks to your lengthen the health of your breasts and lessening the risks of breast cancer. Also, why not try using sports bras instead?

Sports bras are one of the most comfortable looking bras there is, that’s why women use them when they’re about to do physical activities. You must know the right kind of bra for you. Don’t just go on pick a bra basing its color, design, size, and how it would make your breasts look appealing – choosing the right kind of bra is more than that.


Don’t risk your health just to be trendy and fashionable. Be smart! Do some research and find the perfect bra that can help your breasts to be healthy. It is said that Breast Cancer is the 4th most deadliest cancer leading today. Health is a choice and I know we are smart enough as a specie to choose the right ones.

With the ample amount of time we have in our lives, we can’t possibly spend most of it blindly causing our own demise. Who knew that a simple matter of what bra type and size you are wearing can significantly alter the length of our God given time here on Earth.

 Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article intend to highlight alternative studies and induce conversation. They are the views of the (others) author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of StickeeBra, and are for informational purposes only, even if and to the extent that it features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should never not be relied upon for specific medical advice.


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