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Mama Eash's Story

Her Life changed after using Stickeebra and she want's to share it. Listen to what she has to say about her Experience.

okay you guys look up a StickeeBra and prepare to have your life changed. One of my friends turned me on to them and I have it on right now.

it's amazing it just sticks directly to your skin like I don't know what sciency like Voodoo witchcraft they did to do this but it's amazing. All those new tops that they have for the summer like with the crazy straps and the backless stuff you can wear them with this and get support also.

it's supposed to help like with lift like and strengthen your breast tissue so you don't have the sagging that we think comes with age it's actually because of the bras and our muscles going into atrophy. 

So it's like some good science e awesomeness - so win-win. Also the straps digging into

your arms your shoulders I get serious like pain in my shoulders from folding up my Triple D breasts all day.

So this is awesome but anyways just check out their website see the different styles that they have and try one out like I was pleasantly surprised and I'm super excited and I'm gonna get a couple more 


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