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Lisa's Story

Our Stickee Family Member Shares her thoughts on the Stickeebra that she got. Listen to what she has to say about her experience.

 Hi everyone so I'm gonna do a review on this Stickeebra that I got in the mail. So here's the really cool packaging..and then put  it in this little plastic thing.

And I got the one that you can tighten the little strings. And it comes with this plastic stuff and the sticky stuff is  naturally, I asked them about it it just sticks on and it comes in all the sizes that you could  possibly need.

And it comes in black and nude, so I'm gonna go ahead and try this on all right and this is what it looks like on from the front And on the back, Obviously you don't  see no straps.

Pretty Awesome! so like I said before this strapless bra is really awesome  and it stays on way better than any other strapless bra that I've tried on it's comfortable here's no straps and it sticks on rate 10 out of 10 would recommend



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