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Lisa's Story

Lisa got her new Stickeebra and very happy about it. Listen to what she has to say about her experience.


Hello there! Today i'm going to show you this StickeeBra. so cool, here could see the box that it came in and I am going to show you so I'm going to open the box right now like  this, and the Stickeebra is available in both Black and Nude.

And as you can see I got the  nude and I have the nude because under clothes I like nude better. I'm going to get the  black actually very soon because I know under certain clothes the nude is good and under some clothes the black is good so they're both good now here is the Bra.

And there's two parts to it and they come together right here seem to put one side and the  other side and like that and then they clasp together like that so as you can see this is the  front clasp right here and it's really easy to clip and un-clip like I just did it I just clipped it in  clip it out.

I mean it's like super easy and it's like that right there and then see the inner portion has a plastic sheet right here in the protects the adhesive because that right there.  Its going to stick to you and that's why you don't need a back so you can see that the inner portion has plastic right there, and you'll take it off and adhesive is made of skin friendly bio gel.

So this adhesive is totally skin friendly healthy its fine for you and it's gone through extensive lab tests and it's certified safe to be on human skin, compliant  set by RoHS derivatives of the EU so its super, you know good for you don't worry about this at all and it will stick to you I mean it's really strong and it will just stick to you.

It's very sticky so right there you can see, put it back and it's just like sticks and I mean it's just so strong, that's what makes this bra so high quality and great so you can just put it back and forth with when you're not using.

Take the plastic on and then when you use it you just take it off so you prevents any dust from accumulating on the adhesive or anything like that so that's the bra and then I will show you how it looks like on hi everybody.

So I am back and as you can see I am wearing the StickeeBra with this backless halter top so as you can see, no bra that's usually where my bras seen an indentation that is where my bra earlier and I just put on the StickeeBra and there is nothing there!

Completely backless as you can see and even on the side not see anything so I  mean it's like perfect I love it I think it's amazing, So the StickeeBra works  I mean it's staying on it's staying up you you know it just for me it's perfect  like this is exactly what I need.

And this is a Halter top and if you have backless dress or anything you have is backless like StickeeBra will be able to wear it,  you will love it so definitely check out the StickeeBra.

Its an amazing bra it fits, its comfortable like to be honest I can't even feel it right now so definitely check it out it is a very high quality great bra backless it just sticks on you you're good to go so yeah thank you sticky bra bye bye 



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