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Lindsay's Story

She was Skeptical about StickeeBra and now she Loves them, Listen to what she has to say about her experience! 


Hello there this is my review for Stickee bra so I'm actually wearing it right now and I don't think you could honestly tell that I was I mean there's a little bit of a line here but it makes my back look really nice.

If you can see that there's no bra line and I love this product like I was kind of skeptical at first and I've been wearing bras like most women for a good  portion of my life and there are bras that I were consistent baseness basis from Victoria's Secret just because my fiance who's a man is actually the Angel of Victoria's Secret and helps to furnish my wardrobe.

But I heard about StickeeBra on Facebook and I decided to give it a try the shopping experience was very smooth the websites very clear and I enjoy getting the emails that have different info on them and different chances to win different contests and so those are really nice but here's the box right here.

As you can see it's empty and I do plan to get some more of these and I do plan to wear them more often because it's just like it's a brush of breath of fresh air you I go throughout the day thinking I'm gonna have the strap falling off and then the tightness of the band in the back or the band going up too high which I'm probably wearing the wrong size for normally and other bras.

But it's like this one I can stretch I don't to worry about it I just feel free and I don't feel like I'm wearing a bra which is the awesome part and no one knows unless I tell them so yeah the only thing that is a little awkward is if I have to change in front of other people and they see me peeling off my Stickeebra but usually people think it's kind of cool and they're interested.

So they asked me about it and then I refer them to the website I  encourage everyone to try the StickeeBra it'll change your life and I really do hope that you guys expand the sizes sizes for bigger woman because everyone needs this.

For all those times that has been pulling down on women's shoulders that have really heavy breasts to the point where they're getting strains in their back.

This would be a lifesaver for some of them so that's my review yeah go to check it out they've all kinds of different ones to choose from and it's well worth the money alright thanks



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