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Lauren's Story

Our Stickee Family Member Lauren Loves her Stickeebra so much! Listen to what she has to say about them!

Hey guys! this is Lauren Taylor, so it was perfect timing I'm just gonna do a really quick video because I'm getting ready to go out and something just got deliveried to me that I am so excited about!

So I'm going to share it with you guys now and you'll see why it was like  perfect timing so I just got this and I literally just got out of the shower so I'm so sorry but I'm in a towel right now.

I ordered the StickeeBra in the mail and I just got it in it's  so cute this is a it's pink of course and some literally like I just want to share with you guys because like and you know how like the pasties they're kind of expensive and like you can  pretty much only use them once at least the ones that I bought before you're like pretty  much after one night like they're done and you have to go buy more.

Well this is literally a bra doesn't have any backing  at all you can wear like a backless dress and like it doesn't  have any shot so obviously it's like strapless but that's not even the frickin cool thing the cool thing about it is that like you can unlock it, like loosen these, they come apart it's laced, then you pull this up they literally bring your girl together.

So I just feel like that so freaking awesome I'm literally let you guys right now so let's see okay so here is and I'm literally and not a large breasted girl. So like they already look really really good and then I'm just going to take this strings on the inside and there's like a little clip that I said that you can tighten them I'm gonna tightening well.

Holy freaking cow! like I wear like a triple A, but not in just bra, I'm really really happy and now I'm gonna go put a shirt on a I'll  show you guys.

Okay, so I sought to do my chaps but I don't know if you guys can see but I  have never had like this little thing going on right here, I'm so happy you like I don't think I'm ever gonna take this off and it's just it's so cute it's like so sticky on the inside it stays on my girl it is not coming off of you and I love it I'm very very happy so thank you StickeeBra so much! 


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