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Kristen Joy's Story

Our BFF Kristen Says, StickeeBra is the Unicorn of all bras. Listen to what she has to say about Stickeebra.


Where all my mama's at? they don't like to leave the house, because it requires pants and  it requires a bra. raise your hand! raise your hand. Because that is me. Now listen, since  the invention of the leggings, that's helping moms to leave the house a lot more, we don't actually have to wear real pants.

We can slip on those leggings and we don't have to worry about whether we shave our legs this month or whatever because those leggings just  smooth it all out. I'm obsessed with leggings. Now here's the deal, I feel like one thing that's been missing is that we really got to work on that bra situation.

Because, I don't  know about you guys but, on the most part if it requires a bra, it is not happening, because  not only are bras completely obnoxious even like mess with, they are uncomfortable, I  don't know about you guys, but I got headaches, and neck aches and all sorts of things  from wearing bras, specially if you have bigger chest. 

It's like exhausting and and  frustrating. So here's the deal guys, I have found the magic, i have found it, I have found the unicorn of bras. And it is called the StickeeBra. I like to call it leggings for your lady  lumps, because it is exactly what it is.

You literally cannot feel that it's there, but it gives you coverage and it gives you lift, which is absolutely amazing because for the most part you would think, ok maybe there's something that I can cover here, but that's gonna give you a lift as well.

Some people want cleavage, it can give you cleavage. For me I'm just trying to like, not have them like this. ok because I'm a mum and I breast fed, and all sort  of things happen, so they are like this. And the Stickeebra brings them like this and this,  and it makes me feel good.

So basically like the unicorn of all bras, it's the most amazing thing ever. My headaches are gone, my neck aches are gone, all that pain that I use to get in my shoulders is completely gone. So I'm seriously obsessed with the StickeeBra, and that's S T I C K E E Bra, and if you are ready to give it a try,

I'm telling you, you guys are gonna thank me. you can hug me later, I promise you. I have a coupon code, because StickeeBra is my BFF. So I'm like you guys we need to have a relationship, because you support me in the right ways, and I'll support you in the right way, and so we have a  relationship.

So I'll be posting up the coupon code, if you guys wanna take a look on their  website there''s a few different kinds things on there, it's like four or five different kinds.

And my favorite is the one that, I can't remember what the name is sorry, but basically is  that the edges are rounded, and it gives you a good coverage rounded and has a little lace up in the middle and you go whoop! and it brings where they are suppose to be and you don't even know it's there.

The other night, I actually fell asleep and I forgot to take it off  and I don't even know it's there. I'm wearing it right now and I cannot even feel it, I just feel supported and look down and I don't see like, one here and one there like where they are suppose to be. So it's Amazing, best invention ever! Thank you StickeeBraaa  I Love you! My BFF



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