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Kassy's Story

Kassy wore Stickeebra on her Job interview day and it was very important for her. Listen to her story about her experience with her new Stickeebra.

Hey everyone my name is Cassie I'm doing a review on this sticky bra actually the first day I wore it was a very important day to me. It was my interview day and it was a rush I couldn't find a new bra to  wear underneath my professional clothing.

So I just took my StickeeBra and stuck it and was thinking please wear please stay on and it did all day it was never shifted and never moved and never slipped. It stayed perfectly all day I even had to reach down and make sure it was still there because it was so comfortable you couldn't tell was there.

I do have a wedding next week that I'm going to of wearing a strapless dress and I know this bra will definitely up hold all day and so adhesive.

I know it's gonna work out perfectly and it's seamless you're not gonna see it underneath any of your professional clothing or any of your special occasion where it's perfect for anything I definitely recommend it at least try one and you'll be hooked I promise


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