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Jalyssa Richardson's Story

Jalyssa tried Stickeebra, becuase she hates bra straps. Listen to what she has to say about her Experience. 

Hey ladies! my name is Jalyssa and today I'm gonna do a review on this StickeeBra by the company Stickee. So if you're anything like me you hate wearing strapless or open-back things because of all the effort it takes to hide your bra.

So this company basically revolutionized  the bra and made it to where ladies like you and I can feel more comfortable wearing those open back or strapless things without being afraid somebody's going to see your undergarments and so usually for me.

I wear a jean jacket or a cardigan over something that is open back to hide my bra straps but with the StickeeBra, they made that problem go away.

So here is how it works see no finding the bra anywhere you basically just put it on pull the strap up and it solves you a problem I would give this product a thumbs up for sure it comes in a range of sizes colors and shapes and types and so yeah give it a try and make your problems go away thanks Stickee!


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