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Emma Kate's Story

Here is Emma Kate, Our Stickee Family Member saying about her review about her Stickeebra experience. 

Hey guys welcome to my channel and today I am going to be doing a Stickeebra review for you I am going to insert some footage here of me unboxing it when I first received it. I have had them for two weeks now. So I'll me you know what I think let's get started okay.

So this is how the sticky bra comes you see in a pink box and here it tells well, I guess we're supposed to tick off the color on the side not sure why they do it on this one. 

 And then it's got some information just a general description and on this side it just shows you the types of things you can wear it with and, yeah okay let's open this up and see what's inside the box. okay so that's it came like this.

 Now I got the wings one in nude, Let's open this, got a little okay and here it is. I got the be cup, and then it's got a bit of sticky bed just to protect that and that's first you can see there get this stick is all very sticky.

And that's is material actually just like bra materials really to be honest looks very much like some of the nude bras that I've already got.

 Alright let's test this baby up! okay so here is me wearing the stickeebra and I actually first only thought that this would be something that I might wear for like special occasions.

I thought that it probably wouldn't be very good for working out things like that and but it's actually great.  I love the way that it makes me look and feel in my workout gear and I find that even when you get sweaty, it doesn't peel off there's nothing of that the sticky is very sticky.

Which at first like I was like oh that's a little bit yuck but it kind of gets a little bit less sticky I think that's just like at the beginning. So I've been wearing it for two weeks I have worn it working out I've worn it with dresses, t-shirts, things like that.

Super comfy and the cousins like a knocking at the back like I don't know it's really freeing if I just want to kind of look like I'm wearing a normal bra. I can make it like that if I want it to look more pushed up as more of a cleavage then I can do that as well so it's really easy.

um I just kind of replaced the plastic and plastic to them after I've used them. I've used them and that seems to keep them really really nice and fresh you can also wash them and just with like some soapy water and stuff. I haven't really felt the need to I've washed the outside but left the sticky bit on and like the clear casing on when I have cleaned it.

I don't want, there's no smell or anything like that it's really easy to put on super comfortable.

I have three children which I'm always picking them out running around doing things so yeah wasn't sure how it was going to go with yeah picking up kids all the time holding kids things like that but it's actually, it's really really nice.

And it's really easy to put on and off, so really convenient too. So they have it, the winged Stickeebra and I will I'll show you here so this is the bit that comes on it and after I've worn it, I literally just pop that back on.

And for back in here and that just keeps it safe from getting dusty other things coz things to use very very sticky the one thing that I love about this is as you peel it off you kind of think it's going to leave sticky on like on you, but it's doesn't' which is really really nice.

On the website it does say that for most people they can get like 60 uses out of the bra and I was lucky enough to be given this to try out from the company. I know that for me I've used in the past I've used things similar to this so years and years ago what I used to go out I used to use and things like this but it wasn't thin like this.

It didn't look like a ba it was actually like I used to call them chicken pellets, but they were kind of more like a silicon. You want the company does sell things like that and they also sell this gorgeous ones with a little tie and things.

So now that I've used this I'm definitely going to be going back on the website and reordering some other ones because of how comfortable it is when you order it they say that it is sometimes some people go what size do I need and they just recommend that you get the size a rather. So yes I would recommend give it a go.

If you've thought about using something like this if you were to wear like a backless dress or you know how there's lots of tops from their glue down lower and things like that these would be absolutely perfect and you don't have to sacrifice the and you know the cleavage or having, you know trying to find the strapless bra that falls down things like that doesn't slips down it has been great.

so yeah I was a little bit skeptical of how how would go but I've been really really happy and I'm looking forward to using it more in summer for sure because we're still in winter here.

but yeah I'll make sure to put all the links down below through so that you can check out the company and also that Instagram page there's lots of great reviews and stuff on their website and also on their Instagram page so be sure to check them out. yes so thanks for watching and I'll see you in my next video guys bye


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