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Candice Parker's Story

Candice tried out the Stickeebra and she is happy to have known it! Listen to her experience. 

 Hi guys so I have a different kind of video for you today I was contacted by a company  called stickeebra.

And they contacted me via Twitter and asked if I would be interested in trying one of their broth out and then reviewing it on my social media and I said yes.

I have seen these bras floating around there in so many different videos all over different social media outlets and I thought it would be fun and it would be a good review to give to the interweb.

Because they're so popular right now. so I will show you guys the packaging and everything that it comes in and then I'm going to try it off you but I'm not going to like actually show you I'm going to have a shirt on top of it.

But I just want to show you like how great it is and how it still gives you like good support and it like doesn't have straps and stuff like that so you can wear those like you know backwards tops and skinny straps and stuff like that where it's hard to find a bra for.

So let me show you the packaging that it comes in third so when you open up the main shipping box this is what is inside. I've already taken the bra that's why there's nothing in there.

So this is what the packaging looks like it's really cute cute pink box and it has some information on the back of it and it just has company information.

If you would like to contact them and it tells you a little bit about the company and everything like that so that's some good information and then it also shows you like just different kind of tops that you can wear the bra with  backless halter or sheer top strapless and just tells you a little bit about the bra and all that stuff.

So yes it comes in this really cute box and then when you take the actual bra out of the box this is what it comes in it's like a little plastic holder and I like to keep this just to put my bra back in so when you open it up you take the bra out together like that and then,

I just open it up and  it looks like that so it is one of those bras where you attach it on its to this like sticky backing to where it will stick to your boob and it has a string in the middle that you can pull to loosen and then you pull it up to tighten it up so it's one of those really fun bra that you've seen that like kind of help boost you up and all that stuff.

So I'm going to give you my review on this first and then I will show you what it actually looks like on. okay, So I don't know if I've ever talked about this on my YouTube channel but I had a breast reduction a couple years ago.

I don't remember when it was a couple years ago because after my first daughter my boobs were just a no-go they were and no go they were so big. year and a half after I had her they still were very big and I'm a petite person so I had a  breast reduction and that unfortunately left me with quite a bit of scarring especially like in the middle part and on the sides.

So because of the scarring my cleavage like when I even if I wear a push-up bra I have to look really situated to make it like look nice just because the scarring is kind of thick I guess I just scar really badly I don't know.

So when I first tried this bra on I was kind of like a little disappointed because I was like oh it's not doing what it  shows in all the videos maybe I'm just not putting it on right. So I had put it on a couple different times and after taking the bra on and off a couple times the backing was no longer sticky and I was like what the heck was this is supposed to like last me a lot longer  than this, I know.

So I contacted the company and they were so nice and they sent me  another one that said that maybe it was just a manufacturing error so they were so nice and they sent me another one which was this bra right here and I've had no issues with this bra.

So I put it on and like I think on their website they have like different tutorials and  you can also just YouTube how to put these types of bra on but you basically just put it on and then you pull the tie up in the middle and it just kind of tightens and lifts them together.

So this bra is a really good job it's just kind of like lifting them and getting them up there where they need to be and it still allows you to wear all those different tops and even though I've had my surgery my cleavage, still isn't perfect in this bra but it's a lot better than with the majority of the bras that I've tried so for that reason alone I like this bra.

And then  just on top of it I can wear a lot of my tank tops that normally like you can see straps  showing from my bra and stuff I can wear those without having those straps because this bra is just it just covers the actual boob it doesn't go around the back and over the  shoulders.

So, I like this bra I definitely think it is worth trying and they have a couple different colors I think they and they have black and nude and I'm pretty sure they have white as well but I feel like black and nude are like the basic colors that most people would try.

They have actually a couple different styles of bra on their website. They don't just have  this specific one but I really wanted to try this one. So that's the one I picked but they have a bunch of different styles of bra on their website that you can go and check out as  maybe this isn't your particular style so definitely go check out their website.

I will have all their information stuff all their social media and their website and everything down below for you guys to check out. if you're interested.

I really like the company they're very sweet they've worked with me through my move and having to get my shipping address changed and it's sending me a new bra and everything like that so so far their customer service has been so wonderful and the product is really great.

So I am going to put the bra on and put a couple different tops on so you can just see how it wears in different tops and looks so I'll be right back.

Okay so I have put on the bra and I have on a tank top with it and you can just see it's just so much more flattering without having a bunch of extra straps on your shoulders coming through the tank top and then the back of this tank top is very open and I just think it looks so much better than having a big huge bra line in the back.

Even at the ban doe bra I just think it just makes the top look more flattering and then you can also see how it just kind of gives your boobs a nice lift so I think this bra is a winner in my book.

I'm going to try on a different style of top for you guys so that you can see how it looks is that okay and I actually put on this is a maxi dress but the top is a little bit more form-fitting

And I just wanted you guys to be able to see just the shape that it gives it just gives it a nice shape I typically would wear this without a bra.

Honestly I don't prefer that but I haven't really found a good strapless bra that works for me in this dress so I think that this is perfect. Again no straps because the nice shape is to look lifted and yeah I love this bra okay guys so that is the end of this video.

I hope that you enjoyed and I hope that you go and try out this bra because it's actually really great I have been loving it and I love the company they're so sweet like I said I leave all their information down below for you guys and I will see you in my next video bye guys.


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