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Ali's Story

Ali Loves the lift that Stickeebra provides her. Listen to what she has to say about her experience.

Hey guys! my name is Ali today, I'll be doing a review for StickeBra. most of you have probably seen them online they're an adhesive bra company that provide a lot of extra lift and support.

As you can see here I got the drawstring version of their bra it gives you the  most lift and most cleavage of all of their bras. For me that is ideal because as you can probably tell I have a smaller bust so it's really hard for me to actually get any cleavage even with a normal push-up bra.

And as you can see have some pretty good cleavage  today I've been wearing this bra all day and it hasn't moved at all the adhesive is super strong and it doesn't move and it keeps you lifted all day long.

For me personally this is really important just because they tend to sag they tend to go down in the normal push-up  bras and so with this it actually keeps them up it keeps them stuck and it doesn't allow them to fall down which is great.

And it's a super great company to work with their shipping was quick and their product is amazing I highly recommend them.



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