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Alex's Story

Alex got her new Stickeebra and she loves being able to wear any type of dress with it. Listen to what she has to say about her experience.


Hi guys my name is Alex and I just wanted to do a quick review on this new bra that I got I  got it from the company StickeeBra. And this comes in all different sizes it comes in the A  cup B C D double D or triple D.

And it comes in two colors black or nude so I went ahead and got the black one and I will go ahead and open this for you so you can see  what it looks like it comes with a cute pink packaging and then on the inside it has the  actual bra cups.

And so then you open the package it just like so and you can see that it  has two cups of the size that you chose and it has this little plastic film on the inside of the bra and that's to keep this bra sticky, so whenever you do use them you take this plastic  piece off of course but whenever you're done using it and you want to store it you need to  put this back on so that it stays sticky.

Now the neat thing is it's super easy to put together  so all you have to do is literally slide it in like so and then clasp it so there you go you've  got your bra now this is actually provides a bunch of support and it actually gives you a  little bit of a lift.

Another good thing about this is it doesn't have a wire so you can really use this for an everyday use if you wanted to um I will attach a picture of me wearing it I wear them for strapless dresses or even the dresses that don't have a back they work good for halter dresses any sort of dress really any day any casual wear anything  works with this.

hi guys so I'm wearing the Stickeebra and I just wanted to show you how  amazing it actually is so you can't see any straps it still gives you good cleavage despite  just being stuck on and whenever you want to wear a backless dress.

You don't see  anything at all so you guys should definitely go check them out I am absolutely in love with this product so go check them out



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