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Advantages of Wearing a Sticky Bra

Lately, there has been a lot of argument about bras.

Recent studies have revealed that wearing a bra is harmful to your breasts and your health, perhaps even life threatening since bras are believed to play a huge role in breast cancer

The biggest argument about bras is whether a bra actually prevents or causes breast sagging, especially since bras are designed and used for exactly this purpose, to prevent sagging. So if bra’s are actually causing sagging, then what on earth are we wearing bras for? 

A bigger question is probably whether women will accept their natural breasts and go bra-free despite having no cleavage to show off? And the biggest question of all, will going bra free become completely acceptable in society?

Most of these questions can only be answered with time because only time and research will be able to give enough information on these topics. A sticky bra can be a great alternative in the meantime because these bras are tried and tested in helping you overcome the proven disadvantages of wearing a bra.

We always believe that prevention is the best cure; it is better safe than sorry. When in doubt, throw it out!

Bra disadvantages that you will overcome when you wear a sticky bra

There are quite a lot of proven health and physical disadvantages caused by bras and especially by underwire brasSticky bras are a much healthier solution for women that simply cannot endure the thought of going all-natural when venturing in public or when on the job because they still get the needed support without terrible disadvantages such as:

Breast pain – A wrong sized bra or even the right sized bra can cause a lot of breast pain, which isn’t very comfortable. Sticky bras are much more flexible because you can stick them the way you like and they are much softer in design. There are no underwires to poke you.

Back & shoulder pain – Most women, especially those with large breasts, will experience back pain and not because of their natural breasts.  Back pain is caused by the weight of your breasts being distributed to your shoulders which contributes to a bad posture and causes strain on your back.[1]  With a sticky bra you still enjoy great breast support and enjoy reduced back pain since there are no straps eating into your shoulders.

Sagging breasts – A bra is designed to keep your breasts up and thus replaces the need of strong breast muscles.  Because your breast muscles aren’t strengthened, your muscles won’t be able to keep your breasts firm.[3]  With a sticky bra your breasts natural muscles stay strong, thus preventing your breast from sagging.


Shoulder and neck pain – Tight bras also cause a lot of shoulder and neck pain because the straps are designed to pull your shoulders towards your torso.[1]  A sticky bra has no straps to pull at your body which eliminates shoulder and neck pain.

Lymph node blocking – Your breasts are filled with thin lymphatic vessels that are essential to drain fluids from your breasts and to keep your breasts healthy.  A tight bra blocks these nodes which can lead to breast cancer. While a sticky bra doesn't have any tight straps that blocks your lymphatic vessels. In a way, you won't doubt wearing a sticky bra to cause you any harm.

Bad posture – All bras cause bad posture because firstly, the weight of your breasts is transferred to your shoulders, which is an unnatural pull on your back structure, and secondly the bra straps pulls your shoulders downwards towards your torso. This leads to humps and bad posture which has a lot of negative side effects such as back problems, back aches, shoulder pain, neck pain and the corrective procedures can even involve painful and incredibly expensive back and neck surgeries. [4]

You can still suffer from bad posture while wearing a sticky bra because your body needs to be trained to sit and walk upright, but the strain is reduced tremendously since there is no pull on your back or shoulders.


Breast cancer 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer in their lives and in many cases, breast cancer is much more extreme than just the removal of breast tissue.  Many women die of breast cancer each and every year and recent studies have linked breast cancer to tight fitting and especially ill-fitting bras.  This is mostly because of the pressure added to the breast tissue and the blockage of lymph nodes which results in lumps.  Wearing a sticky bra can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer a lot and is a much healthier solution than normal bras.

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Skin abrasions – A lot of women experience skin abrasions or blisters from wearing a bra.  These abrasions and skin conditions can be as a result of an allergic reaction to the fabric or washing detergent, friction against the skin, or too much pressure against the skin as in the case of most wired bras.[1]  

With a sticky bra you do stand a chance of being allergic to the adhesive of the bra or even the material of the bra but the chances of getting skin abrasions is reduced since there is much less pressure, friction and chemicals that make contact with your skin.  

Bra Mining - No more endless searching for a bra that just ends up never fitting quite right! Have you ever walked into the mall on a mission to find the perfect bra. Finding yourself relying on the bra-fit specialists that are in lingerie stores. They’re trained to know what’s best right? Not always.

If you use a sticky bra, there is no more measuring of those straps on your back and shoulders. All you need is a right cup and position it to your breast and you are good to go! [2] 

Stress - Generally, you’ll experience a cutback of stress that’s been creeping into your life because of oppressive body standards you might not have even realized have been haunting you while wearing a regular bra.

Switching to a sticky bra is a big leap to your health letting go of all the disadvantages. “Letting go helps us to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress.” – Melody Beattie [2]




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