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5 Comfortable Bra Tips for Women Above 40 (Stop wire and strap pain!)

1. Get a bra fitting session - As we get older, our breasts change shape and size, becoming more fatty and less glandular, softer and less pert, especially after menopause. "Sagging is a natural occurrence" says the Stickee Research Team, "and there is nothing wrong with that, but many woman stick with the size they have always had, even when their body changes shape"

2. Experts recommend replacing bras every 6-8 months - I think this is a little excessive. Some of my bras are more than 2 years old and I'm so busy with my kids that I haven't shopped for more than 6 months!! I usually hand-wash even though the label says machine washable, but once it starts to loosen and slip, it's time to get rid of any lingerie that's languishing at the back of the drawer. "The band of the bra provides 80% of the support and this softens with washing and wearing" says Stickee Research Team. "The weight shifts from the band to the straps, causing the straps to dig into your shoulders and cause discomfort. Bras' band stretches 3 inches over their lifetime. The time to replace the bra is when its on the tightest set of hooks."

3. Use a bra with the clasp at the front - Lately I have had a lot of inquiries looking for help finding bras for their elderly mothers. We may have limited mobility or less dexterity in our hands; some of us develop stooped backs and other signs of age. With arthritis and other limitations; it may be impossible to hook a bra in the back or manipulate tiny hook-and-eye closures.

4. Use bras with more padding around the underwire - Underwire bras can be painful for some women. Cheap underwire bras tend to have less padding around the wire and thus dig into the skin badly. To prevent pain, it's best to invest in more expensive bras with greater padding around the metal wire. The wire can bend in the center of the bra, creating an unflattering and uncomfortable fit. Perhaps it's possible to get the same level of comfort with a bra without the underwire?

5. Do away with the straps and wires - I have been trying out many different types of bras to find something more comfortable but have been mostly unsuccessful. I noticed I was wearing the same exact bra even though my body has changed and for some reason that caused painful sensations from the protruding wire, the bra straps dig harder into my shoulders (big boobs is a good thing I guess).

Was I too lazy to change my bra? I'm so busy handling my kids and family it's really tough to find time to go to a physical store. Online purchasing seems new to me and I held on to the belief that the best way to find a bra fit was to do a physical fitting session. 

Is it possible that I can buy online yet have a perfect comfortable bra fit? It could be possible without the straps and underwire... but how could that be comfortable? Maybe the younger designers have figured some way to advance technology beyond my expectations?


And then I recalled a few celebrities that could carry themselves confidently. I'm sure nipple tape alone does not give you this kind of comfort. There must be something behind giving them that kind of support, comfort and confidence.

After asking a few of my friends for recommendations, they recommended Stickeebra. Kathy had to undergo double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery last year. She shared her experience of having to try over 20 different bras but they have been painfully uncomfortable.

She had to constantly leave the conversation to adjust her bra during dinners, church service and on flights. Her confidence has recently gone up, and she's getting all excited telling me there was a wireless bra that is actually comfortable. And Kathy's been wearing shirts, for the first time since her surgeries.

That was enough for me to buy one myself. The shipment took 4 days to arrive for my D size Stickeebra to arrive. I wrote in to enquire about the shipping and they responded with a personalized response on the same day assuring me that I would receive my bra soon. I expect personalized customer service from all trusted brands.

I had to quickly put it on to see why Kathy was so excited over this. Right on the first try it wasn't working the way I thought it would. I dropped Kathy a call and she told me to read the instructions (Forgetful sometimes...) The instructions was simple to follow and within minutes I was feeling better about myself. There was that comfort and uplift I simple did not expect from an adhesive bra. I could move around freely, as if a load was lifted off my shoulders. Good bye strap and wire monsters!

This bra does not work well for my highly active friends who require a high level of support for their breasts. On the contrary it works perfectly for my backless dresses i now have confidence to wear. I love Kathy!

Confidence I never felt before returning. That was a nice plus to the comfort I had. Time to shop for more clothes =)

This bra requires cleaning on the adhesive side though to ensure it can last longer than their recommended 60 uses. I got some cleaning swabs for hygiene reasons and clean them every time after wearing. 

I wish there was someone who could just help to resolve all my bra issues forever. The Stickee Team comes really close to that. (That's why I'm writing this) They take a pro-family approach and aims to treat every customer just like their parents. Stickee conducts regular customer studies aimed at baby boomers to understand their unique needs during aging. I wish I could get instant live chat, but I am willing to wait 1-2 days for a quality personalized response to my unique problems. 

I trust Stickee to provide intimate wear solutions and hope you can get the same pro-family experience I have received from the Stickee Family.




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