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10 Fun Fact about Texas in celebration of Texas Independence Day

MARCH 2 is celebrated as Independence Day in Texas, marking the state’s separation from Mexico in 1836.

Here are 10 fun facts about Texas you might not know about!

1. The Republic of Texas then maintained its independence for almost 10 years before being incorporated into the United States in 1845.

2. The area of Texas is almost three times that of the UK.

3. Texas accounts for 7.4 per cent of the land area of the USA. It was 8.8 per cent until Alaska joined.

4. In 1987, the lightning whelk Busycon perversum pulleyi was named official state shell of Texas.

5. Texas is an anagram of the word taxes. The only other US state which has a common one-word anagram of its name is Minnesota in the midwest (nominates).

6. The Armadillo is the official state mammal of Texas.

7. Since 1976, when the US Supreme Court brought back judicial execution, 40 per cent of all executions in the US have taken place in Texas.

8. The state flower is the bluebonnet. Since 1933 its official state flower song has been Bluebonnets by Julia D Booth and Lora C Crockett.

9. There used to be a law in Texas specifically making it illegal to milk another person’s cow.

10. There is a town called Earth in Texas. It is said to be the only place on Earth called Earth.

We hope you have learnt something new today!

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Happy Texas Independence Day, enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.





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