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10 Useful First Aid Hacks You Need to Know

It’s handy to have knowledge about first aid. Small accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and you may not have access to proper first aid. There is no substitute for expert medical care in serious situations, these first aid hacks can be temporary, relieving and Lifesaving.

1. Duct tape for blisters

If your new shoes are giving you blisters, put duct tape on the hotspot. The tape will provide a sturdy barrier to protect you against chafing.

2. Remove Splinters With Glue

Splinters can be hard to remove and the idea of poking yourself with a pair of tweezers may be painful. There is also a possibility of breaking the material which makes it harder to remove. Try squeezing a drop of white glue on the splinter and dry about 30 minutes. Once it’s dry, gently peel it off like a strip of wax, the splinter will stick to the glue and goes with it as you remove it.

3. Onion for Bee Stings

Onion has some antibacterial compounds that can reduce inflammation. After removing the stinger by scraping it off with a credit card or fingernail, place an onion on the area to speed the healing.

4. Use Sanitary Napkins as Bandages

The more sterile option than reaching out for your towel in your bag if you don’t have a gauze on hand is a Sanitary Napkin. It is perfect to have to compress a bleeding as it is very absorbent, if you don’t have any gauze on hand.

5. Calm Sunburns With Vinegar

Sunburns can be uncomfortable if not painful. Vinegar is thought to balance the PH in the body and the acetic acid in it helps relieve pain and itching in mild sunburns. Soak a T-shirt or cloth in one-part Vinegar and one-part cool water and put it on the affected part. You can also freeze aloe Vera in ice cube trays and rub them on your skin.

6. Cayenne for Cuts

Cayenne pepper contains a compound called capsaicin, this acts as a pain reliever when applied on the skin. It may burn a little but will stop the bleeding.

7. Pour Sugar on a Burnt Tongue

Hot drinks can burn your tongue. Pour a small spoonful of sugar on your tongue and let it melt in your mouth. The Glucose in Sugar helps relieve the pain.

8. Marshmallows for sore throat

That mushy soft marshmallow is made of gelatin and it coats the throat and helps relieve the scratchy feeling of your throat.

9. DIY Cold Packs

Cold packs have a lot of uses. If you have a Sprain and you need a cooling pack, Freeze a bag of rubbing alcohol and 3-parts water and it will do the job!

10. Glue a Cut

Did you know that doctors use medical glue to close cuts on lacerations? If you are in the same situation and you don’t have that expensive medical glue, you can use a dab of super Glue and let it dry. This can be used for emergency situations.


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